Oxford United – season review

After our last home game of the season versus Shrewsbury Town we still haven’t heard about who the spine of the team will look like. Are we going to lose the services of Chey Dunkley, Benji Buchel, Josh Ashby, Miles Welch Hayes, Robbie Cundy and Liam Sercombe? What did Liam Sercombe do after the defeat to Coventry at Wembley Stadium? 

In the Oxford Mail it said that Michael Appleton was trying to activate a year extension so that Sercs couldn’t leave on a free. 

The transfer window doesn’t open until July 1st and cotracts don’t expire until June 30th. It has been interesting to read the transfer news live feed on twitter as they say that Oxford are tracking Alex Lacey and Niall McGinn. Will either sign? 

Last Tuesday, I read in the Oxford Mail that Uruguayan Juan Sartori is interested in buying the U`s but he was going to talk to Firoz Kassam. How did the meeting go? How much is he willing to sell the stadium for?

Is the takeover imminent? Is the retained list going to be known soon? 

So many questions. Are we going to hear some positive news soon? Some clubs are already signing players.

Phil Edwards and Jermaine Beckford have gone to Bury Football Club. 



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