Chris Wilder


To many fans, Chris Wilder is like Marmite … you either love him or you hate him. In my opinion when we finally got out of the blue square bet premier we should have kept hold of Dannie Bulman, for this error many people say that Wilder should not have let him leave to go and play for Crawley Town. All managers have their faults. However, there is something I don’t understand with supporters: you either love the club and go and attend games or, on the other hand, you are a glory supporter who only supports a club for the many trophies that a club can win in a season.

To Wilder’s credit he’s got us back into the football league in 2010 and with Kelvin Thomas’s help he got us away from going into adminstration which could have eventually got the club liquidated.

At the moment with all the injuries I have to say that Wilder is doing a good job. We don’t have enormous amounts of money, but I am surprised at how quiet our new chairman – Ian Lenagan – is being. Is he going to invest in the club during next month’s transfer window? Going back to the summer transfer window I don’t think loaning out players is advantageous, because there is always the opportunity for a recall. I was very impressed with Jonny Mullins; I was deflated when he was recalled, but why do the Manchester Uniteds and Chelseas have such big squads? Is it necessary, or are they simply flaunting the money they have?

For all United fans it is either boycotting the games until we get a new manager in or put up and attend games. I wouldn’t ever like to see a manager sacked, but just think of the summer when 11 of our players will either be leaving or accepting a new contract.



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