Before this weekend’s fixtures, I have been digesting the surprise form of Manchester United. It is not very often where Manchester United lose two games in a row. On Saturday it was a massive shock to the footballing world that Blackburn at the bottom of the English Premier League beat what many people thought would be back to back champions, now though not many people think that the Red side of Manchester will be the Champions come May. Manchester City lead Manchester United by 3 points. There goal difference is + 5. Aguero and Dzeko are magnificent players but what about Carlos Tevez? Tevez has been a tear-away, sad to see but I think that this Argentinian needs to go home as he has acted like he is very home-sick.
I think that his behaviour when Roberto Mancini asked him to start warming up against Bayern Munich was horrendous, his pay packet is larger then my mum’s pay and he was despicable. In my job if I didn’t do what I was told there would be a 99% chance that I would be involved in disciplinary action.
Is the Tevez saga ever going to be resolved? Are Manchester United still the best team in Manchester or is the strength and depth of Manchester City going to steer them to the English Crown for the first time since the 1950s?

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